Restaurant the River

On a soft bend in the slow moving Burnley Creek running through Warkworth, Ontario a restaurant was opened for a single weekend in 2015. In the week prior, traps were set to capture an invasive species of freshwater crustaceans called “Rusty Crawfish”. As it is prohibited to “carry overland” a known invasive species (in that they might be introduced to a new uninfected watershed), the entire kitchen and dining area was set-up directly in the river.
Guests were invited to leave behind their sock & shoes, take a seat at a table and be served a four course amuse bouche menu of local treats.
Prince Edward County Wines were chilled to the river temperature.

Riverbed Watercress with Radish and Balsamic
Papilliotte of Trout with Hua Jiao peppers & Lime
Steamed Crustaceans of Invasive Species
Cambellford Cheddar w Fallen Apples from the Adjacent Parking Lot

Curated by Tania Thompson for Sunday Drive 2015. Most photographs courtesy Dustin Rabin

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