Dean Baldwin Lew

Restaurant the River

On a soft bend in the slow moving Burnley Creek running through Warkworth, Ontario a restaurant was opened for a single weekend in 2015. In the week prior, traps were set to capture an invasive species of freshwater crustaceans called “Rusty Crawfish”. Guests were invited to leave behind their sock & shoes, take a seat at a table in the river and be served a four course amuse bouche menu of local treats. Prince Edward County Wines were chilled to the river temperature.

Riverbed Watercress with Radish and Balsamic
Papilliotte of Trout with Hua Jiao peppers and Lime
Steamed Crustaceans of Invasive Species, Smoked Maldon Salt
Cambellford 4 Year Cheddar with Apples from the Adjacent Parking Lot

Curated by Tania Thompson for Sunday Drive 2015. Most photographs courtesy Dustin Rabin

Art F City Review
La Table de la Méduse

Created (after Géricault) for the sculpture biennale St-Jean-Port-Joli, featuring a heavily overbuilt picnic table fastened by ropes to a large rock on a tidal plain in the St. Laurent river basin. Twice a day, the tide submerges the rocky point and the table, somewhat floating, smashes repeatedly against the rocks. Each time at low tide, the table makes landing, beaching itself somewhere slightly new. Repairs are then made and celebrated by opening up a six seater "restaurant" that focuses on small course simple seafood dishes. Malpeque oysters with lime, grilled sardines with Harissa and olive oil, whole radishes with salt. A selection of chilled white wines are available. Everything is gratis to those make the arduous 17 min trek over rocks and across bog out to the point on the water where the sunsets are spectacular.

Hand hammered copper, ribbon.
Edition of 50

This multiple was produced for C Magazine with the help of numerous street-level industries in the cities of Mumbai and Pune, India. One shop provided scrap copper coil salvaged from seized electro-magnetic engines, and another facilitated the hand-hammering of that copper into crude but elegant saucers for wine tasting.

Bar Piano
Commisioned by the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery, Hart House, Toronto